Договор поставках английском

На нашем сайте вы можете ознакомиться с «Договор поставках английском» в PRC EPUB, DJVU, isilo, RTF, LIT, LRF, PDF, FB2, HTML, МОВІ, AZW3, JAR, CHM, TXT, DOC, TCR! The Purchaser shall accept and pay for equipment, tooling, facilities, spare parts and other related goods английском — «Goods»in accordance with the Invoice.

The Global Terms and Conditions shall apply as long as they do not contradict the applicable Russian legislation. All goods must be accompanied by relevant certificates issued in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. This product and договор its parts, and materials used must be new, not previously installed. Supplied английском should be quantitative measures in accordance with the Annexes to the agreement.

The quality of the Goods delivered and the warranty should be provided a quality management system in production that is certified in compliance with the requirements of GOST of Russia. The supplied goods shall conform to applicable standards and regulations for fire, sanitary and electrical safety, regulations on industrial safety in its operation, the requirements for ergonomics and electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with the nomenclature of the Goods in respect of which the legislative acts of the Russian Federation provides for the mandatory certification.

Any other documents will be subject to additional negotiations between Purchaser and Supplier. Certificates mentioned in items are issued for the Goods subject to mandatory certification and provide the Purchaser prior to shipment of equipment for the presentation of public authorities. The copies of the documents mentioned in items shall be faxed and e-mailed by the Supplier within 24 hours after the shipment of the Goods at the addresses given поставках the Purchaser. All documents mentioned in items shall be wrapped in waterproof paper and packed together with the Goods into the case which should be additionally marked as follows: On the договор of the documents the Supplier договор the Purchaser sign acceptance act.

All manuals should be made in Russian or English. The Supplier will issue Invoices at the time of shipment. Each Invoice shall include, without limitation: Minimum of three 3 originals of every Invoice should be provided to the Purchaser. In case of any changes in the mentioned above delivery английском 4. The Supplier shall notify the Purchaser about the delivery date not later than five 5 working days prior to the delivery. Delivery of the Goods is carried out only after the preliminary acceptance of the Goods according to the list of Goods mentioned in Annex No.

The Purchaser dispatches 2 specialists английском participation in preliminary acceptance of the Goods for 5 working days. If defects or discrepancy of английском Goods specification with the contract conditions will be ascertained during preliminary acceptance the Supplier has to eliminate defects and repeat the preliminary acceptance.

Explanation for the cost of transporting goods to the customs border of the Customs Union поставках the importation of goods into the Russian Federation.

Explanation of the cost of transporting the goods after договор the customs border of the Customs Union to import goods in Поставках.

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